jeudi 9 octobre 2014

Whips, Jumps, And Loamy Singletrack In Whistler Valley Trippin' Worldwide Inc., Ep. 3 : vidéo d'EPICTV Adventure

Whistler is the best place on Earth if you like bikes, parties, and singletrack. It's a mecca for mountain biking. After visiting last year and loving it, the Trippin' boys, Sam Flanagan and Mark Scott, thought it was the perfect place for episode three. In true Trippin' fashion, they took their riding a little off the beaten track and checked out some of the amazing spots nearby as well as visiting the fabled Bike Park. Squamish, just 40 minutes down the road, is natural, loamy trail heaven and a maze of the best trails in the world. The Coastal Gravity Park, only an hour's stunning ferry ride away, is jump heaven. With trips to the lake, huge nights out, and everything else in-between, Whistler was one helluva trip for these guys. Pure good fun. Check it out, then book a flight. Just don't blame them if you end up wanting to live there forever...
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